About Loni Lila

Who I am

My name is Leonie Grimm, I'm 18 years old, I come from Treuen in the beautiful Vogtland/Germany and my favorite color is of course purple. Since 2012 I have guitar lessons at the Clara Wieck Conservatory Plauen and since 2019 singing lessons in the direction of jazz / pop at the Robert Schumann Conservatory Zwickau. A big thanks to the music schools, as I get private lessons in both through a grant. I also enjoy playing electric piano and ukulele, which I teach myself.

My Music

Music is simply my life. I love to invent new melodies and tell stories to them. My melodies are always created by ear and I try to incorporate special chords and harmonies. The techniques I learn in music school help me with this. I write my songs mainly in English, because I like the language so much and you can reach more people with it, even beyond the borders. Here DeepL, RhymeZone or Leo.org help me. In my lyrics I process my experiences, feelings and fantasies. I would describe my music style as acoustic-indie-folk-pop. I was inspired by musicians like Coldplay, Lena and Lewis Watson. But I also listen to a lot of singer-songwriters outside the mainstream.

YouTube Channel

It all started in April 2015, when I founded my YouTube channel “Loni Lila” with my dad at the age of 9. I wanted a name that didn't exist yet, that was relatively short and yet suited me. Since some used to call me "Loni" as a short form of Leonie and I loved purple more than anything, Loni Lila was born. The channel helps me to finish the songs and to practice until I can play and sing them flawlessly. In addition, I hope to be able to bring joy to others with it. On my YouTube channel I upload a video with an own song or a cover about once a month. The videos are sometimes more, sometimes less elaborate and are shot and edited by my dad and are always a lot of fun.

Social Media

I opened my Instagram account in October 2018, just before I went to the Berliner Festspiele “Treffen junge Musikszene” (Meeting young music scene), because I saw that all the other participants had something like that. Facebook followed exactly one year later in October 2019 to reach even more people with it. On these two platforms I post regularly what I'm doing musically. But there is also sometimes a vacation photo, which I like.


Im September 2019 habe ich auf Spotify und den anderen Streamingdiensten meine erste Single „Jonny“ veröffentlicht. Besonders stolz bin ich auf mein erstes Album „Purple Melodies“, das im Februar 2020 herauskam. Hier habe ich 8 meiner bis dahin besten Songs zusammen mit meinem Papa zuhause aufgenommen. Hierfür haben wir uns ein gutes Mikrofon, ein Interface und die DAW-Software „Cubase“ gekauft. Pro Song benötigen wir ca. 6 bis 8 Stunden für die Aufnahme und vielleicht weitere 10 Stunden für das Bearbeiten, Mixing und Mastering. Hier möchte ich regelmäßig weitere Songs veröffentlichen.

Collaboration Projects

To get a foothold in the regional music scene, I already had some joint projects with other Vogtland musicians such as Xeriwin, Solor B or Leander Gronem. I find it interesting how the different styles combine and become something new. In the process, I also always learn a lot and continue to develop. Also at the Berlin Festival “Treffen junge Musikszene 2018” (Meeting young music scene), to which I was invited with my award-winning song “Ich bin wie du”, I met many other musicians from all over Germany and took a lot with me in the workshops and concerts. A year later, I was allowed to travel to Berlin again for the Day of the Talents.

Live Music

I love playing in front of an audience, feeling the tingle in my stomach and the relief when you then stand on stage and hear the applause. The feedback helps me to motivate myself and grow as a musician. Meeting other musicians, experiencing their kind of music, exchanging ideas with them, learning from them and being inspired is what makes live performances so interesting for me. I have summarized my already played live gigs on the page “GIGS”.

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